Digital Marketing: Blogging with WordPress for beginners

Let’s discuss in this blog post about the importance of blogging in your digital marketing journey and how blogs will help you to develop a connection with your customer, develop your brand.

I will help you to understand what is blogging, blogging where to start, blogging how to start and at the end of this blog I have included blogging tips and tricks along with blogging template links from various sources.

Blogging With WordPress

What is blog?

As per dictionary meaning blog is “a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group that is written in an informal or conversational style”. The blog content that posts on the website is generally referred to as “Blog Post”.

The very first question you might have do I really need to start a blog and what benefits will I get with blogging. Below are a few reasons you should consider to start for your interest or business.

The blog will help you create an online presence for your business, attract customers, generates leads. The blog will generally get the organic traffic through search engine optimization when people search for specific problem or idea and if you have blog around that topic it will help people to engage with your content and over a period of time it will help to convert these leads into your potential customers

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Steps to start blog for beginners

Starting the blog is not rocket science, it does not necessarily require technical knowledge or coding. All it requires is a topic in which you are interested and ready to share knowledge with people who are looking for it in particular topics.

Our blogging guide will provide you the step by step process from finding the right topic (Niche) for your blog to set up and then managing the blog.

There are 6 steps involves before you start your first blog. We will go through all steps that involve in publishing your first blog post as below.

  1. Choosing your Niche
  2. Finding Domain name
  3. Hosting Platform
  4. Starting with WordPress
  5. Selecting the WordPress Theme and installing Plugins
  6. Content creation and promotion

Choosing your niche

Before you start your blogging journey you first need to identify the niche on which you are going to talk about and focusing the content around. If you can choose the right niche in which you have passion, a knowledge that you can share with others, and that have enough demand. By selecting a niche you are passionate about will help to keep going in your blogging journey. There are a lot of topic ideas around the web and I found this YouTube video helpful for niche selection

Finding domain name

Once you identify blogging topic next critical thing will be choosing the correct domain name that suits or correlate with your niche. This will not help only to rank in search engines but people also can easily understand by looking at website name itself what you are blogging about. Based on your target audience you should choose .com, in, net, etc. There are lots of websites that will provide domain name ideas to you based on your niche. Once you identify your domain name I will recommend based on my own experience always purchase from hosting platform which you will choose in the next step. There are chances you will get a free subscription for one year.

Choosing Hosting Platform

After selection of niche and domain name next step to identify the hosting platform to host your blog. Among the various hosting platforms such as blue hostsite groundGo DaddyHostgatorA2 hosting you can choose the best fit for you. Most of them offer WordPress manage websites to run which is a great option to start with. Multiple factors may affect the user experience for your website. Before choosing the hosting platform please do go through this hosting advice

Tip: When you are starting always choose a lower plan so you will not end up losing if you are not able to continue due to any reason

Start blogging with WordPress

WordPress is the easiest way to start a blog or website. You don’t need any coding experience or prior experience to start. Blogging with WordPress is a great way as WordPress is user friendly even for beginners and it is among the top in most often used site building packages. As this WordPress has a large user base you will not run out of support or new developments. Besides that WordPress has a lot of free themes and plugin that will help to make a blog with enriched user experience.

As you are just beginning with the blogging journey I will recommend using managed WordPress option from your hosting provider. This will eliminate all your technical issues of importing domain, SSL security, etc. Also, you will get more benefits compared if you directly host on WordPress.

Get my e-book for best step by step guides on WordPress setup

start blogging with wordpress

Selecting the WordPress Theme and installing Plugins

WordPress has plenty of free Themes which are best suits for beginners to start with. I have listed a few of them below. Check them and decide which best suits you. 

OceanWP / Astra / PoseidonWritee / Hemignway

You can refer Themeisle guide I would recommend installing YoastSEO and WPForms Plug-in to start with. Later you can add depending on the requirement.

Content Creation and Promotion

Content writing and marketing will be the next important step in blogging. Take your niche and do little keyword research using keyword research tools. Start with free keyword research tools such as ubersuggest (my favorite), google keyword planner to get the idea about what people are searching for. Once you write your first blog post go ahead and publish. The next step will be to promote the content using various methods such as SEO, Social media channels, Videos, etc.

You can download free blogging templates from Hubspot to start with

This is just the beginning of your digital marketing journey. There are a lot many things you need to learn to make your blogging successful. I will be putting more about tools, tips, techniques in the next blogs.

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