How to Choose the Perfect Niche for your blog

Finding the correct niche for your blog

This is the very first step in your blogging journey, if you have done it correctly you can scale your blog with consistent content generation.

Every new blogger has gone through this dilemma about what topic should I choose, will I get enough audience, will I able to manage it properly. This guide will answer all your questions.

There are audiences for every niche/topic in this world but not all will perform in the same way some will perform better than others. When you are starting you need to find the topic you are passionate about and there is a target audience.  

Keep in mind even if there is a lot of target audience on a particular topic but you are not interested then it will not work out in the long run because you will exhaust yourself due to lack of interest.

Choose perfect niche for your blog

In a process of finding the niche ask below to yourself

 What is my interest or what I am good at?

The topic whatever you are going to choose for your niche must be a one in which you are interested. Then only you can run the bog for the long run otherwise you will exhaust your energy and money both. Get the paper and write down topics you are interested in. Get 10-15 topics in which you are interested or can help people with that particular topic.


 What other people are looking for?

Once you’re done with your potential ideas about your interest, the next key thing is to find out what are the things people are interested in. Are people looking for info around the topics that interests you?

It’s a good idea to focus on particular things when you are just starting. Suppose you are interested in sports it’s wise to focus on one sport like cricket or hockey. Then only you can create the focused and good content for your audience to dominate that niche.  

I have put ideas about niches that are popular all the time. Personal Finance

  1. Fitness
  2. Health
  3. Real Estate
  4. Productivity
  5. Online Business
  6. WordPress
  7. Lifestyle
  8. Investing
  9. Careers
  10. Personal Development

First determine some ideas that are you passionate about then take research based approach to figure out which topic you can choose for starting the blog. 

Google Trends

More broadly, Google Trend is the first option to go with. This will provide you quickly if

  1. If people are searching for Niche you are targeting
  2. If the interests of people in a particular niche are increasing or decreasing
  3. You can compare multiple niches at the same time to get an idea which is doing better

This is not an in-depth analysis but it will provide an overall idea about people’s behavior about a particular topic.

Just go to google trends and select the country you are targeting and then put niche in the search box and compare.

Looking at the above image you can see the interest of people in the Gym has not tremendously decreased but Yoga is incremental. So may at this time Yoga be a better choice to start a blog rather than starting a blog on Gym.

Keyword Research

Once you get an idea about the broad topic that you wanted to start with. Do a bit of keyword research.

As Google trend does not provide the absolute numbers about how many people are searching about the topic. With keyword research, you will go deeper and find out exactly how many people are searching for keywords in your niche every month.

First brainstorm a few keywords that are related to your niche. If we stick to the topic of Yoga then below are few keywords that can be used as a starting point. You can use the ubersuggest tool which is free for doing keyword research. If we take Yoga as a keyword you can see below how many peoples are searching topics related to yoga.

Keyword Research using Ubersuggest

The more people are searching the better it is. If people are not interested then it will be difficult to get visitors to your blog even if you have written a perfect blogpost.

Put some efforts into research before starting your blogging journey so will not end up wasting your efforts, time, and money.

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