Never Underestimate The Influence Of Facebook Free Traffic

Facebook is the biggest social network on the planet by a long way. It is the third-largest website in the world after Google and YouTube and it has billions of users that use it regularly. Now you can leverage the power of Facebook to drive free traffic to your website and blog or e-commerce store.

To successfully drive free traffic from Facebook you have to know what exactly works and whatnot. It is much tougher to get free traffic these days as Facebook wants marketers to spend money on ads instead. I will describe to you the methods to get the freest traffic.

Free Facebook Traffic

We have worked hard to provide you with everything that you need to know to use the Facebook platform to generate free traffic. You will find it an easy and engaging read and we encourage you to read it from start to finish and then start to implement the tips and advice you find here. 

You will learn what successful Facebook marketers do to drive free traffic. What they have done is not rocket science and you can replicate their success easily. Engagement with your audience is essential and this step-by-step guide will show you how to achieve that.

Other marketers have tried driving free traffic from Facebook and failed. We do not want you to make the same mistakes that they did so follow the steps in this guide and you will maximize your chances of success.

It is more difficult to get free traffic from Facebook now than it ever was before. Facebook is a business at the end of the day and they want marketers to spend money on advertising so they can generate revenue.

So Facebook is taking steps to ensure that advertisers have a much greater advantage than those that only use an organic reach approach.

If your content is not appearing in the news feeds of your target audience then you are not going to get the results that you want. Facebook users are not going to visit your website as much as they used to. 

So this begs the all-important question – is it still possible to get free traffic from Facebook and not have to spend money on ads? The answer is YES as long as you use the right strategies. You need to follow the same strategies that we will reveal in this guide.

Develop a Growth Mindset   

 The most important thing that you can do first is to develop a growth mindset when it comes to Facebook. Without this, you are very unlikely to succeed. It is very tempting to try and find the latest tips and tricks for free Facebook traffic, but these are usually very temporary and will not help you to become a true influencer on the platform.

Being a true influencer is your aim. With the reduced amount of visibility of your content forced by Facebook, you want to ensure that the content that does appear in the news feeds of your target audience will be consumed passionately. Changing your mindset is not easy to do but it is possible. You are going to have some limiting beliefs which will hold you back as far as growing your Facebook profile is concerned. You need to address these regularly to eradicate them.

It’s all been said before        

 Do you believe that you have nothing interesting to contribute consistently? After all, it’s all

been said before right? Most unsuccessful Facebook marketers suffer from this limiting belief. You can certainly eliminate this belief fairly easily and quickly.

A lot of Facebook marketers make the mistake that their audience cares about their opinion. The harsh reality is that they don’t and they never will (unless you are some kind of global superstar). So what do you do? You need to share the facts with your audience. Provide data and evidence that what you are saying in your posts works. This is a lot easier to do than you may think. 

Yes, it will take a little more work – but going to your audience with a proven idea is always going to trump your opinion about something. Your audience wants to achieve a specific result so show them that you are the person to help them do this.

Everything has to be Perfect      

This is another classic negative belief. Facebook marketers think that they have to create perfect content every time. Perfectionism is a real success killer. There is no such thing as perfect Facebook content.  Perfectionism will just hold you back. It is better to put content out there that is not quite perfect than to agonize over that “perfect post”. You will end up posting nothing with this belief. Just add regular posts and then use Facebook Insights to test your engagement levels.


Not having the right amount of Proof    

You should always go for a proof strategy with your content. But what if you don’t have enough proof?

This is another negative belief that will hold you back. It is better to have more than one source of proof – but if that is all you have then go with it anyway.

A single source of proof will be enough to hook people into your Facebook content. After that, it is down to your personality. When people know, like, and trust you on Facebook they will not be at all concerned that you do not have enough proof. There will always be some people that don’t like your style – that’s OK you don’t want them anyway.

My Website and Branding isn’t good enough    

 A lot of marketers believe that they need the fanciest website and branding to succeed with Facebook marketing. The truth is that you don’t. We are not saying that you shouldn’t pay attention to your website and make it the best it can be, but it doesn’t have to win any design awards to be effective.

As before, if people know, like, and trust you then they will not care about how fancy your website is. You have put yourself out there on Facebook and provided valuable content to your audience and they appreciate that. 

You can eradicate all of these limiting beliefs. If you have any fears about marketing on Facebook then you need to work on these to overcome them. It will take time for you to eradicate them but you must do this.

Post regularly and focus on Value           

 The most important thing that you need to remember is that the quality and consistency of your content is your chief concern. You do not need to post content several times a day as some large organizations do. But you do need a regular posting schedule and the value that you provide is everything.

It is still possible to drive a lot of traffic from Facebook to increase your leads and sales but you need to accept that your exposure will not be as great as it would have been a couple of years ago. This makes it even more essential to provide value to your audience so they will start looking for your posts.

In the next post, we will discuss how to optimize your Facebook Page so that you get the maximum amount of free traffic…

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